LensFrame with Thermografic Cameras

Video Stitching Software

Product Description

The LensFrame™ is a software that allows you to display hundreds of square meters on a single screen.

Multiple high-resolution cameras are stitched seamlessly into a single wide-angle video in a way that the user will not realize the switch from one camera to another. It enables the user to search through the image and hyper zoom in very high resolution with the motor PTZ camera and virtual zoom. Every camera may be recorded independently to be reviewed by the operator. Augmented reality capabilities are being displayed and can be monitored at any time with this system. LensFrame™ can be integrated to our 3D Visualization Platform System. It is ideal for large events, stadiums, airports, marinas, etc.

Picture in Picture View

The LensFrame’s Picture in Picture (PIP) feature allows you to place one or more cameras focusing a portion of a complete image screen generated by another camera.
It is a cost-effective solution, ideal to control any area that requires to accurate the detail of the image in certain zones, such as in access controls, locker areas, cash register points, airport jet bridges, runways, etc.

 Static and Dynamic Augmented Reality

Information based on video analysis, technical sensors or any other type of data, which shows FIXED or MOVING information positioned on an object of the real image, adding this information to the scene.
With diverse applications:
Security / Management / Industrial sector / Logistics.

  • Static

Displays the desired information in a FIXED point of the scene. It always corresponds to a specific pixel of a camera or image.

  • Dynamic

It shows information in MOVEMENT that is positioned on the image based on all types of sensors: geopositioning, tracking, temperature, etc.
Users can stay updated with complete and accurate information of highly relevant real-time information, which helps operators to keep abreast of situations in different places, thus making correct decisions in a shorter period of time.

Demo Videos