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3D Open Visualization

The new security challenge


ImageFlow is a user-friendly software that enables the film management and control of all the screening rooms of a movie theater.

  • Film management and monitoring can be performed locally as well as remotely.
  • Easy online user registration / withdraw with personalized operation permits.
  • Event creation and management to automate Movie Theater’s facility functionality.


The LensFrame – 360 Panoramic Multivision allows you to display hundreds of square meters on a single screen.

  • Monitoring system using Augmented Reality.
  • Large-scale visualization in full-screen on one monitor only.
  • Multiple HD cameras stitched seamlessly into a single wide-angle video.

3D Visualization Platform

The 3D Visualization Platform is a new 3D interface for security control rooms.

  • Immersive navigation in 3D environments.
  • Security devices control through Augmented Reality app.
  • 3D environment visualization in real time.
  • Virtual camera over 3D scenario.


Panoramic View